Real Life Ain’t No Fairytale

Most of people stop dreaming when they wake up.

That’s the main reason he hated being awake. Everything was so gray, so cold, so ugly. People always kept telling him life wasn’t a fairytale. And he’d been extremely close to believing they were actually right, but then BAM. Something happened, something that made him immediately change his mind.

He could honestly say it was a pretty bad day. More than that, it was the worst day he’d had in a while. As if there was a black heavy cloud hovering over his head, following him around. He had dozens of things to do, yet all he felt like doing was crawling into his bed and sleeping through the whole week.

However, it didn’t really matter anymore.  There it was, the brightest moment of his dark day. He was sitting at one of the tables in his favorite restaurant with his lunch half finished as he saw her walk in. She appeared like a sunshine between heavy clouds, so suddenly and unexpectedly, like a wonderful rainbow after a long storm. Everything else literally faded away.

She chose to sit a couple of tables away from him, but he could see her face clearly. He was completely blinded by the shining light that was spread all around her. He felt either as if falling asleep into an amazing dream or like waking up from a terrible nightmare that his life seemed to be—well, at least it did until he saw her.

She hit him like a hurricane, getting to every part of his soul with just one smile. The smile wasn’t even directed at him, of course—he was pretty sure she wouldn’t have ever noticed a guy like him.

So he was sitting there, opposite to that incredibly wonderful girl, completely paralyzed, just staring at her face. If somebody had taken a photo of him in that exact moment, he would’ve most likely looked like a total fool with the stupidly open mouth.

“Perfection in its flesh”, he thought.

She lifted her gaze and their eyes met for a nanosecond. Dear Lord, the look in her eyes! It could kill anyone and it nearly stole the essence of life from him. That was fate. He knew it. What else could it be? They were meant to be, it had been written in the stars. The day had finally come! His prayers had been listened!

Maybe, instead of staring at her like an idiot, he should make a move and talk to her? But what was he supposed to say?

“Hey, I’m Colin and I was just sitting right there and my life totally sucked, but then you happened and I think it’s a sign from above, so how about I buy you a coffee and you fall in love with me and we live happily together ever after?”

No, it sounded wrong.  And what if she didn’t like coffee? He needed to seriously think it over. He needed a better scenario. What if it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?

His thoughts were racing through his head at the speed of light and while he was so busy thinking of what he could possibly say to her and basically planning their perfect future life, all of a sudden a brick hit him right in the head.

“What the hell is she doing?” he thought, feeling alarmed. “Is she standing up, reaching for her coat and—”

He didn’t even have enough time to finish that sentence in his head, because before he managed to do it, she was gone. Just like that. She decided to ruin their fate.

Neither scenarios nor plans for the future were needed.

So the daydream was over and he was back to thinking that being awake pretty much sucked. Oh, how cruel the reality was! People were probably right, life was no fairytale. And what had just happened was another proof he absolutely excelled at missing chances. Especially those once-in-a-lifetime ones. He just let them slip through his fingers.

“You idiot,” he mumbled to himself. He should have run after her.

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