Now Entering Reality

I once knew a girl who lived in her dreams. She woke up in the mornings and the only thing she thought about was going back to sleep. All day she waited for the sun to go down, for the sky to get dark and for the night to come. Then she could crawl into bed, warm and safe, close her eyes and let the sleep take her away to her beloved dreamland. That was her way to escape.

It didn’t matter what images her mind would show her this time. Her dreams protected her from the real world. She was safe and she couldn’t be hurt.

In her dreams, she had the only chance to be someone else. Someone brave, confident, fearless, invincible. She could be anyone.

But dreamland wasn’t so different from reality. It wasn’t perfect, too.

Some days, she would open her eyes with great disappoinment, mad at herself for waking up too soon. Desperately, she’d try to fall asleep again, go back to her flawless creation and stay there. But it never worked.

There were also days when she would wake up with sweat on her forehead, her heart bursting out of her chest and the scream choked in her throat. Sometimes reality creeped silently into her mind, seeped into her dreams and haunted her even when her consciousness was asleep.

The thing about dreams is they don’t last. Neither the good nor the bad ones. They’ll all be gone once you’re awake. The sun will always rise, the morning will always come and there will always be a new day.

And reality? It isn’t something you can run from. It will always find you.

But there’s a thing that dreams and reality have in common. In real life, bad things happen. But they’re like nightmares—they don’t last for too long. There are also good things that resemble the sweetest of dreams. However, they won’t be there forever, too.

You have to learn to enjoy the moment and take what life offers you, as long as you still can. Because everything will be gone in time. Just like a dream.

I was once the girl who wanted to sleep her days away.

But I woke up and opened my eyes. I fought my fears, learned to put my head up and face the reality.

I used to believe that the person I wanted to be existed only in my dreams. But now I know that if I work hard enough, I can make every dream come true.

Haven’t been writing much lately, but here’s a small piece inspired by an InMon prompt. Summer’s made me lazy!


14 thoughts on “Now Entering Reality

  1. This reminds me of the dream addicts from the movie Inception. And I can relate, as well. There are a lot of times when dreams are easier to face than reality. Good post!

  2. A great piece of writing.
    I loved the part where you say, “You have to learn to enjoy the moment and take what life offers you, as long as you still can. Because everything will be gone in time. Just like a dream.” This is so true.
    Life can be such fun as long as we keep on enjoying it.

  3. You have written so many wonderful lines here, Hate. My favourite is “the thing about dreams, is they don’t last”. If this is a true story, then I’m so glad you discovered reality has its positive points as well as its negatives – and that you can be who you want to be in the real world too.

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