A little personal update.

Hello there!

I usually don’t post personal things here, but I feel like breaking that rule this one time.

I’ve been away for quite a long time (sorry! Hopefully that won’t happen again!). A lot is new in my life and I’ve been kind of busy. New school, new house… and some other stuff. Of course, I haven’t parted with my notebook and pen and I’ve been writing this whole time—making up stories in my head and complicating my characters’ lives. And I have to admit, I’ve missed posting on WordPress and reading other people’s stuff quite a lot. So I guess it’s about time I came back 🙂

And here I am—with brand new inspiration and some fresh ideas. You can look forward to reading some of my new stuff as soon as I get to rewrite those chaotic lines from my beloved paper notebook and type it up for you here. Shouldn’t be long ’cause I’m really excited to start again.

And for now, that’s it. I hope you didn’t miss me too much (haha). See you all soon.

PS. Happy Easter, everyone!


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