Farewell to Words

Dear you,

please, just hear me out, because I can’t keep quiet anymore. There are screams inside of me, ready to explode.

Oh, my lovely, what happened here? Do you still remember? We used to sit side by side and watch the sky turn black. We’d laugh at the fat moon and try to count all his gorgeous companions—the stars shining their pretty little lights up above our heads.

The memories we shared, they now bring me pain. Yet I refuse to forget, still savoring every moment that we had.

You were always such a talker and I was good at listening.  The precious things that escaped your mouth, like rays of sunshine on my darkest days. I fell in love with your words. Like hope, they embraced me gently, delicately stroking my soul and providing me a sense of safety that calmed my uneasy mind; ridding me of all fear.

You breathed those words into me when I was nearly suffocating. You whispered to me and I drank from your lips, thirsty and wanting more. My last resort, the only thing keeping me above the surface, preventing me from sinking into the darkness.

Drunk on words and so naïve, I thought that we would last.

We took it for granted, the way that people always do. The words faded away and now there’s nothing left but ash. I’d say it was your fault and blame it all on you, but sadly, I played my part in it too.

Insecure, I ran away from the one that saved me. Leaving no trace behind me, but secretly hoping you’d chase after me.

So what now, darling, won’t you scream?

All the stars are gone and the moon laughs in my face. The air is cold without your breath and I’m running short on oxygen.

I can’t sleep at night, your words still dancing in my head. Like razors, cutting through my heart. Your letters buried underneath my pillow. The words you tattooed on my body—now the ink burns my skin like fire.

You were always the one talking and I held back my own words. They tickled my throat and tried to force their way out, but I swallowed them and let you speak instead. So I could listen to your voice.

Now the silence kills me softly. Shhh, hear that? Listen, honey.

Listen as I whisper my silent farewell to words.


Inspired by bekindrewrite’s Inspiration Monday.


8 thoughts on “Farewell to Words

  1. Very beautiful! It is so sad when two people who go well together simply fall apart over time. It happens often. The secret is not to give up. If not the one, then another will come along. Just smile and be prepared and accepting.

  2. Wow. An insightful peek into a fascinating relationship. What happens if we take and take, but never give, never show ourselves and become vulnerable. We feel connected, but they don’t, so it fades. A great warning, beautifully presented.

  3. Wo-ah, this is probably the first time that I’ve read a story of yours that took a depressing turn!
    PS: This post made me feel the way Mayday Parade songs do.

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