Fresh Smoke

Delighted, she inhaled the smell of the fresh smoke. With flames reflecting in her eyes like pure madness, she stood and watched the fire as it lit up the backyard like day.

It was so easy. To pick up all the old photographs she took, pictures in which she wore her biggest smile, the ones that reminded her of all the beautiful days. She tore them all down with no hesitation and tossed them into the fire. She watched the flames as they ate it all piece by piece—every poem she wrote in honor of happiness, all her clothes that still smelled of the people who shared her memories. She burned them all down, along with the things she used to feel, thoughts she used to think, wishes she used to make, hopes she used to have. All the chances that she wasted and promises she didn’t keep.

She stood there and watched her life burn—the life she could never get back. The one she used to love so much, but she let it slip through her fingers.

She used to be so desperate. Wanting to live that life again. She lost herself in misery and regret, thinking of all the good times and craving to have them back.

But now, she was tired of being haunted by the past—the anchor that kept her down, not allowing her to move on.

She had nothing left to lose.

She screamed her goodbye at the top of her lungs as the fire went out. Then she danced in the ashes, feeling light-hearted and not caring about a single thing anymore. That’s what letting go felt like.

There was no going back. She was finally free.


Another piece written for Inspiration Monday. Enjoy!

PS. Thank you for all the comments I’ve been getting, it really means the world to me!


15 Comments Add yours

  1. philip469 says:

    I like your post you deserve a follow.keep it up

      1. philip469 says:

        hope you like my content and maybe inspire you in your writing

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  2. You have talent! That’s for certain. I really enjoyed it. I love when I can feel all the emotions and see it clearly in my head.
    I have a page linking to my short stories, another to my poems. I wrote a short story for today’s post.
    Come over and take a peek if you haven’t.
    We may have a lot to talk about.

    1. mrsreckless says:

      Thank you again, Scott! I’m happy you enjoyed it.

      1. Truth is never a problem.

  3. Stephanie says:

    It still feels so sad. Can’t she move on without forgetting the good things in her past? I hope she finds new dreams to chase after. This is quite vivid and powerful.

    1. mrsreckless says:

      Sometimes the good things that happened in the past can make you sad, when they’re all gone and you can’t have them back. Thank you for your comment!

  4. Dancing in the ashes — such evocative imagery! I really enjoyed this. Well done.

    1. mrsreckless says:

      To be honest, I wasn’t really satisfied with this piece when I wrote it, but I’m glad you enjoyed! Thank you!

  5. Parul says:

    This is sad… very sad…
    Our experiences make us what we are, help us grow and evolve, but sometimes, carrying a lot of baggage pulls us back too. Well done.

    1. mrsreckless says:

      True. Thank you for stopping by and reading!

  6. A Mushy Rat says:

    Oh my, I absolutely love this piece! Kinda stuck in the position she was in before she set fire to her memories! You’ve, once again, typed out a brilliant post 🙂

    1. mrsreckless says:

      Awww, you should see my smile right now! Thank you!

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