Five Sentence Fiction – Edge

When you get to the edge, you have three choices: turn around and back away, stand still and do nothing or jump right into the unknown.

My feet are tired of walking but I keep moving forward, every step taking me further away from what I’ve left behind and bringing me closer to the border line, to the end of my journey.

I’ve walked for miles in search for the better days, my past following me like a shadow: all the cracked memories, the stitches on my heart, the scars burning my skin—reminding me of who I am.

When the final step comes, I don’t hesitate—I know what to do.

Gracefully, I lift my feet off the edge but I don’t fall

—I fly.


Inspired by the FSF prompt “Edge”.

I feel like I’ve been writing a lot of sad stuff lately (sorry, I’m addicted to that!), so I decided to post something that gives you a little bit of hope. Feel free to tell me what you think!


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