Something pulled me out of sleep. Again.

The room was still bathed in darkness when I opened my eyes. I lay in bed staring at the ceiling for a while, listening carefully.

The noise that woke me up, the noise that tickled my ears with silent whispers and distant screams, the noise was always there and I craved to hear it. I was curious to listen to the voices and the odd language they spoke, desperate to understand what they had to say to me.

I rolled to the side to steal a glance at my husband lying next to me. Adam’s chest was moving rhythmically up and down as he breathed. His eyeballs were moving rapidly behind his eyelids and a slight smile crawled upon his face. I wondered if he was dreaming of me.

But how could he sleep so peacefully surrounded by the voices that came to haunt us every night? How could he ignore them when they screamed so loud, crying to be heard? Didn’t they bother him?

I rose from the bed and slowly walked towards the window. The air had a foreign taste and I felt a tender wind lightly grasping my face my breathing sped up, but not because I was scared—I was overly ecstatic about the mysterious thing the voices were leading me to.

I could still hear Adam snoring behind my back. So unaware of the visitors flying across our tiny bedroom. I observed him for a while and I knew I should probably get back to bed but the temptation was far too strong and I eventually gave in. I always did.

There it was, the thing keeping me awake and I just had to know what the voices wanted to show me.

I used to be afraid of them, whispering their strange words to me. I used to wake up screaming, shaking in Adam’s arms, begging him to make the demons go away. But they never left and I realized they weren’t there to hurt me. They were there because they carried a message.

Carefully, I drew back the curtains and peeked outside. The screaming in my ears got louder and my eyes widened at what I saw. I froze still and sucked in my breath. Now, that was a real anomaly!

I swallowed hard and ran back to bed, my eyes still on the window, afraid that the thing would be gone in a second.

“WAKE UP!” I shrieked right into Adam’s ear, shaking his shoulders.

He cracked his eyes open and blinked a few times.

“Not again,” he mumbled under his breath but I was too excited to care.

I dragged him out from under the covers, shouting and pointing my finger to the window.

“Come on! You have to see that!”

He rolled his lazy eyes, sceptical as always, but followed me to the window.

“What is it?”

“THE SKY IS FALLING!” I announced, bursting with excitement.

I had never seen such a thing in my life. Fascinated, I watched as the heavens kept coming closer and closer. Soon, they would crash down on us and swallow everything.

I took Adam’s hand and squeezed it, waiting for his reaction. He exhaled loudly and turned his head to face me.

“Grace,” he said my name slowly. “There’s nothing unusual outside.”

Was he still sleeping? I wanted to slap him and scream at him.

“What do you mean—there’s nothing?! There’s  e v e r y t h i n g !”

It was so beautiful, the ravishing disaster happening before our very eyes. The sky was falling, with all the clouds and planets and stars, just like the voices told me it would. How could he not see that when it was right there?! And I told him many times that it would come. I thought he’d be prepared just like I was. If only he had listened to the voices…

“You’re not even trying,” I blamed him, sad that I was the only one to marvel at the angelic tragedy.

He heaved a long sigh and it certainly had nothing to do with relief. Oh, no. The look on his face told me everything. I knew exactly what he’d say. Grace, sweetie, you’re seeing things again. He’d probably make me see a doctor. But I didn’t need a doctor. All I needed was for him to have a little bit more faith and see things with me.

“Grace, sweetie—” he began, trying to mask his exasperation, but his voice gave it away.

“Please, just look! Look at the wonderful anomaly!” I begged.

“The anomaly,” he said, “is in your head. You are an anomaly.”

Never had I been so disappointed in my husband.


Well, that was spontaneous and weird but I liked the idea of the sky falling down. Inspired by an InMon prompt “Anomaly”.
Any thoughts? Let me know!


4 thoughts on “Anomaly

  1. Your writing kept my attention and interest, the mood was perfect. I don’t know why Adam didn’t see what Grace saw. I think that was the anomaly.

    My only suggestion was that last line which strikes me as a little weak and/or awkward.perhaps something like “The sky fell a little closer when Adam said that. So did my faith in him.”

    Just me…good writing. Randy

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