“Don’t step out of line,” kept repeating the tiny voice inside her busy head.
But she didn’t want to listen anymore. Anything that sounded like a warning released a rebel in her.

She rebelled against carefulness.

So sick of always being the good girl, always doing the right thing, always trying to live up to someone else’s expectations, always living within the lines. She yearned to take risks and see where it would get her, not caring about the consequences that would inevitably follow.

For once in her goddamned life, she wanted to feel free.

She dreamed of things she couldn’t reach, things she couldn’t hold in her hands and explore with her fingers. With her eyes closed, she dreamed of the impossible, unaware that the only one who made them impossible was her.

But one day, she woke up. And with her eyes wide open,  s h e  l i v e d  t h e  d r e a m.

Lips curved into a smile, eyes sparkling like crazy little diamonds. She threw her arms up in the air and didn’t care if people stared. She didn’t care what they thought or said behind her back.

“She’s gone mad.”

“Such a good girl she was. Look at her now, she’s crazy!”

“Has she lost her mind?”

She heard them all, but didn’t listen. Their words were like water off a duck’s back. Meaningless. Powerless. They had no control over her.

She danced around and laughed at everyone who didn’t believe in her. The silly rules they set no longer applied to her. She broke every single one of them, enjoying the sound of every principle cracking and falling to pieces—like smashed porcelain that was of no value anymore.

Right in that moment, she knew she found something she’d been looking for her entire life.

She found something that other people would never understand.

She found something that made her heart sing—and so it sang, with a voice loud and clear, echoing across the oceans and lands, for the whole world to hear.

It carried a message. A very simple one.

“I’m happy.”


5 thoughts on “Happy/Crazy

  1. She should be happy. Since my stroke, I have been so less afraid of doing what I want/choose instead of thinking it all so much out first. I am so much happier and calmer and healthier. There do have to be rules, but not so very many of them.

  2. I like the meaning behind this, but I sort of wish that I knew what constitutes as ‘a reckless act’ for this person.I mean for some people ‘reckless’ could be as simple as leaving a teabag on the draining board instead of throwing it away… actually I may now go and write a list of stupid ‘reckless’ acts that really don’t mean that much to anyone except to the person who commits them…

    I think I may have drank too much caffeine.

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