Five Sentence Fiction – Flight

I always thought I would be scared when I lost the ground under my feet and the gravity couldn’t hold me down anymore.

But the need to get out is stronger than the fear of flying.

A rush of excitement fills my veins and I am free—untied, unchained and unbroken.

The flames lick my heart, keep it warm as I’m steered away from this cold black place.

I’m not afraid to aim higher.


Inspired by this week’s FSF prompt.


5 thoughts on “Five Sentence Fiction – Flight

  1. I just read this and concluded right away that you are brilliant. 🙂
    I thought I’d quote my favorite parts, but realized if I did that I’d have to copy-paste the whole thing. I’m a fan. Keep flowing and stay inspired–wherever you’re getting it from, stay with it. 😉

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