Her life was just a fragile little thing that had to be broken eventually. An endless fight, a constant battle where she never knew her enemy or who was gonna win.

When her whole world fell to pieces, she fought alone with no one by her side. Her shadow was her only companion.

Knocked down, shattered across the dirty ground, left alone in the dust with nowhere to run and nowhere to hide—still, she refused to give up.

She got up and walked. When she couldn’t walk, she crawled on her hands and knees. And eventually, she returned to the place she came from. That old place she once called home—now just a burnt down piece of nothing.

She arrived bleeding. With bruises and scars all over her wrenched soul, reminding her that the past was real. Life experienced her in a way she certainly didn’t deserve, but she came back stronger. Her heart numbed by all the pain, yet willing to learn to feel again. Her broken wings slowly recovering, waiting patiently for another chance to fly. Her lonely mind craving to be understood. Her lost soul demanding to be found.

She picked up the remaining pieces and formed them into the shape of hope. Rebuilding her life step by step. Still trusting. Still believing.

Ready to live again.


2 thoughts on “Recovery

  1. Excellent as always! Do you write for Friday Fictioneers? If not, you should look at it and try it out. Just go to my blog, check the category “FF” or “Friday Fictioneers” on the left, choose one, and get the link from there. It’s fun!

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