Five Sentence Fiction – Fabric

Dear you,

let me put it clearly ’cause I don’t think you quite understand—when I chose to stay, it wasn’t because of you; I did it for me.

I wish I could be a better person, the very best version of myself, I wish I could be flawless for you, but dear, one thing you need to know: there’s just one version of myself that I can be and that’s the only one you get, so stop perfecting me; perfect is what I’ve never aimed for.

What a funny thing, you think it’s very generous of me but I have to disappoint you—the decision I’ve made is a selfish one.

Selfish is what I truly am; I do what I please, not to please anyone and when I chose to stay, I was only thinking of my own wants and needs.

Well, let me say it clearly so you can finally understand—the fabric I’m made of is full of holes, not a flawless material, just a bunch of imperfect stitches, but you, my darling—you’re what completes me.


It was really hard to squeeze this one into five sentences, but I think I managed. Please, tell me what you think and head to the Home of Five Sentence Fiction to read everyone else’s pieces!



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