Five Sentence Fiction – Travel

“I want to travel the world,” she said as she stared out the window, seeing the same boring image that was there every day.

Frustration washed over her; she ached for something new and exciting, her eyes hungry to see different places.

Sometimes she dreamed of the unknown, the uncharted, the undiscovered.

She dreamed about exploring all these things that were somewhere out there, waiting for her to reach them.

But she never even reached the door; she just sat by the window and dreamed.


This week’s attempt at Five Sentence Fiction.


8 thoughts on “Five Sentence Fiction – Travel

  1. I wish she’d have Mrs. R. ~~ We travel, there’s no other
    diversion that adds sooo much to one’s dimensions.
    It read very well, your readers should be waiting in
    anticipation over what “She” would do.

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