“What are you going to do with this heart?” I asked when you stole it right out of my chest.

You had to admit it was a heart quite attractive–young and pure, impatient to give away its love.

“I’m going to keep it,” you assured and I trusted you.

I watched my heart as you held it, alive and beating at a crazy pace, happy that it finally belonged to someone. I believed it was now in good hands. I believed it’d be safe with you and you’d take good care of it.

But then I watched you play with it, as if it were an object easy to replace.

I asked you to be careful, but you dismissed me with a wave of your hand. Bored with the toy that ceased to entertain you, you simply threw it away and let it shatter to pieces, like it never meant a thing to you.

Without an effort, you got rid of the heart you promised to keep, while I was left with my non-disposable love for you. I was left with the useless feeling, designed to last forever, scarring the poor, naive heart I once let you steal from me.

inmonsterInspired by one of this week’s InMon prompts.


10 thoughts on “Non-disposable

  1. I love how you make the metaphor feel real; and how accurately it portrays the feelings. And this line is so simple yet powerful: “But then I watched you play with it, as if it were an object easy to replace.”

    Also like how you used the non-disposable prompt, that her love is both something valuable and something she wants to get rid of but can’t.

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