Dear Writer’s Block

Dear Writer’s Block,

it’s not you, it’s me. I know you’ve done all in your power to keep this relationship alive, despite my lack of loyalty to you. On many occasions, you turned a blind eye to my not-so-secret affair with Writing, knowing I’d run back to you sooner or later. But lately, I’ve finally realized I can’t keep running back and forth.

I don’t blame you for anything. I used to think you were the one standing in the way of my creativity. I wanted to hate you for my inability to make the words flow. I’m sorry it took me so long to realize that it was all me.

This is why I’ve decided to walk away. I believe this is something I need to do, not only for myself, but for the both of us. You deserve someone who will be able to give you their full undivided attention, someone who won’t moan about being uninspired 24/7, someone who won’t cheat on you every now and then (in a blog post, on paper, in their thoughts…) and—most definitely—someone who won’t break up with you through a letter of carefully chosen words.

Words. Oh, you always hated how obsessed I was with words, devoting so much time to searching for the right ones.

One thing I’ve learned from you is that there’s no such thing as the right words. You’ve taught me that no sentence that forms in my head will ever be perfect, no matter how long I think about it, how many times I repeat it to myself or how much time I spend rewriting it over and over.

But, contrary to what you’d always say, the fact that perfection cannot be achieved does not mean I should give up.

I know you’d disagree on this one, just like you’ve disagreed with many other opinions of mine. Which is another reason why the right thing to do—if such a thing exists—is to part our ways. We come from completely different stories and meanwhile you have zero interest in writing yours, I refuse to let go of my pen.

I’m not going to offer to stay friends. There will probably be many times when our paths cross and maybe we’ll even stop to say hello. But after that, we’ll go our separate ways again. Because—one thing I know for sure—I’ll always go after what makes me happy. And this is what makes me happy. My writing might be poor, but it is a part of me that I’m not gonna give up.

I’d apologize for being a disappointment to you, but… I’m not really sorry. I can’t feel sorry for doing something that my heart’s been yearning to do for so long.

I hope you don’t hate me for walking away like this. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen this coming, anyway.

And please, don’t feel guilty for anything. You were only doing what you thought was best for me.

Now do what’s best for you. Forget me.


Inspired by one of the prompts found in the Writing Prompt Boot Camp found on Writer’s Digest.


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