Five Sentence Fiction – Waves

I liked coming to the beach early in the morning, before the day started and the place was packed with vacationers. I liked the calm and the silence it offered, only interrupted by the symphony of waves crashing against the shore—here I found my peace and my temporary escape.

Sometimes I went for a swim, hoping the water would wash away every burden, sometimes I sat in the sand and watched the waking sun, and sometimes I would just stare off into the distance and wait.

It had been six years since you set your sail, and I still waited, filled with foolish hope every time a silhouette emerged on the horizon.

It had been six long years since the sea, to which you devoted your entire life, swallowed you into its depths, and yet I still came here every morning, believing that one day the greedy waves would bring you back to me.

Inspired by this week’s FSF prompt.


17 thoughts on “Five Sentence Fiction – Waves

  1. Touched, I know a friend, whose boyfriend was a mariner, he loved the seas, the seas loved him so much that, it took him into her.
    My friend still goes to the port every weekend where they had heir last goodbye kiss, hoping maybe hedidnt go, hoping he might just come back

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