source: naftels on flickr

“Good morning, young lady,” says the elderly man who walks his dog – a chocolate lab waddling happily next to his leg – at the same hour every morning. He always smiles at me when I pass him on my way to work even though we’re complete strangers. Among the crowds of grumpy people, complaining about sleep deficit and cursing the morning light, this man seems to be a rare phenomenon. He’s almost obscene with his happiness – greeting random passerbys, sometimes singing to himself, the radiant smile never leaving his face.

“How do you do this?” I ask him on a particularly ugly morning, dominated by clouds heavy with rain. “You always seem so happy.”
“How can you not be?” he says, surprised. “Don’t you like gifts?”
“Gifts? I don’t underst-”
“Every day is a gift,” he interrupts. “This should be reason enough to be happy.”

Just like that, the man, who makes life seem like all smiles and sunshine even when it’s not, has taught me the most important lesson. Seeing him on his daily stroll alongside his loyal friend reminds me to slow down and enjoy the simple activities.

Every morning, I happily accept the gift I am given and fall even more in love with the world that surrounds me – the ordinary, everyday world often unappreciated by those who live in it.

I’m in love with the smell of my freshly brewed coffee, watching the steam dance above the cup.

I’m in love with the day that’s about to begin, ready to welcome whatever it brings with open arms.

I’m in love with the city that’s waking up when I leave home at the break of dawn.

I’m in love with the people I pass on my way – the man in a black suit rushing down the street with his briefcase in hand, the neighbour thanking me when I hold the door open for her, the kids dragging their feet to school, the many faces flashing by, more or less anonymous.

I’m in love with the small things that can be missed so easily, but they’re what makes every day unique – the way the still sleepy sun shines through the trees to plant soft kisses on my forehead, the wind that moves through the leaves and tangles my carefully combed hair, the birds whose singing voices reach my ears despite the haste and the noise.

Every morning, I make sure to wear a smile on my face. You never know how it might brighten someone’s day.

I accidentally hit ‘publish’ before the post was ready. Hope nobody saw it.

I’m probably late to this, but oh well, being late to everything is kind of my thing. But as soon as I saw the gorgeous photo above, I knew I had to write something. I didn’t really have time to work on it properly, that’s why it took me so long. The photo was published as part of Just Smudges held weekly by towanderlost – I absolutely love the inspiration provided there and I suggest everyone check it out!

Also, I’ve received some great responses to my last post (Thief) which I am extremely happy about. The fact that there are people who think my writing is not bad makes hitting the ‘publish’ button a little less scary.

Anyway, that’s all from me for today. Have a lovely Sunday!

PS. I’ve been accepted to Uni and I’m starting my English Studies in October! This means a whole lot of changes and it is both terrifying and super exciting.

3 thoughts on “Mornings

  1. This is a beautiful reminder to appreciate the little things in life. Funny how your piece (and our first submission so thank you!) summarized the whole point of Just Smudges. I’ll be sure to link back to you this Wednesday!

    Also, I absolutely loved the mental imagery of this smiley old man and his chubby chocolate lab. So cute. 🙂

    And congrats on your acceptance!!!

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