Meteor Shower

source: @poemsporn on twitter
source: @poemsporn on twitter

The last night we spent together was dressed in black velvet with sequins in the shapes of stars.

You pretended to know your way around the sky and I played along.

Together, we made up new constellations by connecting the sparkly dots on the night’s dress. There were so many of them, some glowing a faint barely visible light and some burning bright.

We lay flat against the ground, your fingers filling the spaces between mine. I drank your every word and never once questioned you as you took me on a journey across galaxies, to faraway worlds where no one could find us, where we were the only breathing creatures.

It was so quiet that night. The only sounds were those of our hearts beating next to each other, the soft wind moving the tall grass around us, and crickets playing their Midnight Symphony.

We belonged under the stars where the sky was our only limit.

But then the day came and took away our shelter.


“The 2015 Perseid meteor shower will peak on August 11, 12 and 13. A new moon on August 14, 2015 will create perfect conditions for watching the meteor shower.”

I smile at the news. My calendar has been marked for months.

That’s what I do now. I keep track of every astronomy event. Observing the sky has become my favourite pastime.

It’s yet another meteor shower that I watch alone.

It’s one of the rare moments when I don’t feel alone.

If anyone could see me now and hear my thoughts, they’d call me pathetic. Naive. Piteous. And maybe they’d be right, but I don’t care.

Tonight, I’ve got every shooting star to wish upon. And even if it’s pathetic and naive, I believe… No, I know that somewhere out there, looking up at the same velvet sky as the Perseids rain into the atmosphere, you’re wishing for me too.

Here, have another cheesy piece from me. I only spotted four or five shooting stars during the last meteor shower (clouds everywhere) and with my luck, some of them were probably planes… Anyway, my mind did its job and came up with this. Feel free to leave a comment, every opinion is greatly appreciated!

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