This is not a proper post. It’s only an introduction… or something of that kind.


It’s me again.

And I can’t make myself stay away from blogging anymore.

Why would I want to do that in the first place?

Well. I’ve been so stressed out about not being able to deliver quality posts to you that I’ve stopped posting completely.

But how ridiculous is it to try to stop myself from writing when I’m so desperate to do that?

So, I’m allowing myself to write garbage now.

The hiatus is over. I don’t know where exactly I see this blog going, but I definitely see it going somewhere.

So I’m back. I guess.

Or maybe it’s my lack of sleep that’s making me promise things I’m later going to forget about.

Or maybe I’m just feeling lonely and need to throw my words out there so maybe they can reach someone.



14 thoughts on “Whatever.

      1. That’s what I thought…
        It sounds like you haven’t been around for a while, have things been ok with you?
        Why the reach out? Are you making sure that someone is reading and taking note?
        I can’t remember if we’ve talked before… it doesn’t matter if we haven’t. My name’s Simon anyway and it’s good to reach out to you!

      2. Yes, I’ve been gone for a while, but that’s the beauty of my blog, I guess – I post around summer time and then disappear when school starts. This year it’s even harder to find time for writing, because I go to university now and don’t live with my parents anymore… so, you know, I have different responsibilities and things to take care of 😛 But I never stop writing. Writing is like breathing. I just stop posting it online. Also, the things I’ve been writing lately are mostly journal entries or random thoughts, and this blog was meant for fiction… But I miss being in the blogosphere. Maybe I’ll bend the “rules” a little and start posting personal stuff. Who knows.
        And no, I believe we haven’t talked before. It’s nice to meet you, Simon!

      3. It’s nice to meet you too miss reckless. I hope you do well at university and of course things change when you go on a new adventure in life.
        I too have developed a love of writing recently and I hope I continue it. I would liek to see more posts from you, personal or otherwise. If you do go more persaonl it will of course be good to meet the real you 🙂

  1. Funny you think its garbage.
    I do believe at the top Mrs Reckless it states.

    Write poorly, Write awfully, write with abandon and it may end up being really really good.

    We write because we feel like writing. We know.
    Okay I know and feel that if I have but one reader than my work is appreciated. And from there on out I continue to write as for I enjoy to see how far I can take my mind and heart and share it with the best ever present I could get. A single reader.

    Guess it is welcome back again. And write. push yourself to the limit.
    Take a brick from you new home and write a story around it. Write

    1. You’re right. I put this quote in my header to remind me that it’s okay to write whatever I feel like writing. And that’s what I’ve been doing, but somehow the perfectionist in me managed to convince me that whatever I’ve been creating lately is not good enough to go online. But I know it’s just another excuse. Which is stupid.
      Thank you for this comment. It’s good to know I have at least one reader 🙂

      1. Hell you should see my writing.
        Not the perfectionist just write whatever comes to mind. Grammar mistakes and all.
        More so when it is just to empty the head of chaos and let the heart cry its words.
        None of that is perfect but it is who we are.

        And you do.

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