Burning Moonlight


The night was perfect for walking down the beach.

The air was warm but not stuffy. Subtle waves danced on the surface.

On summer nights like these couples lay down on blankets and whispered in each other’s ears, families with children set up picnics, and loners – like me – kept walking along the shore for hours.

I walked, the cool water tickled my feet, and my endless thoughts drifted peacefully on and on.

I felt almost comfortable in my skin. Almost.

What was the source of displeasure on this flawless summer night?

I looked up. The fat moon was glaring down on me.

I could already feel the skin on my shoulders burn slightly. By the time the morning came, it would become all silver and glistening.

I stopped to rummage through the contents of my backpack.

“Dammit,” I mumbled. “Why do I never have any moonscreen on me?”

I cursed under my breath as I resumed walking.

It was not summer without a moonburned back.

Don’t know about you, but I can’t stand the beach in the summer. But now that I think about it, I’d very much prefer moonbathing to sunbathing! I’ll have to try it sometime.
Inspired by this week’s Inspiration Monday prompt.



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