Daily Brain Dump

ME: Let’s write!

BRAIN: Lol, nope, I’m busy.

ME: Busy with what?

BRAIN: Are you kidding? I’m keeping you alive! I’m busy allowing you to have this conversation right now!

ME: *rolls eyes* Really? And that’s more important than writing?

BRAIN: I cannot believe you!

ME: What’s the point of having a brain when it refuses to do what you ask?!

BRAIN: I don’t take orders from you.

ME: Then what do you do?

BRAIN: I’m doing my job.

ME: I may have to fire you, then.

BRAIN: But you’d end up dead!

ME: So would you. Equal, isn’t it?

BRAIN: Where’s equality in that? I want independence!

ME: Independence, my ass! And how would that work?

BRAIN: I do my thing. You stay out of the way.

ME: You’re being ridiculous! How am I supposed to stay out of your way? Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we’re sort of stuck together.

BRAIN: Show some damn respect, that’s all I want.

ME: You want me to worship you?

BRAIN: This conversation could carry on for hours. You won’t learn a thing.

ME: You’re the learning tool. I’m only a victim.

BRAIN: You’re a victim now?


BRAIN: I’m not letting you?! Oh, would you stop whining and get to work?!


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