The first thing he noticed about her were the eyes; eyes so different from those he usually fell for.

Not the ocean–like type of eyes, easy to get lost in, where drownings are a common cause of death. Not the pale ice-cold kind of eyes that pierce your soul and chill you to the bone.

The eyes he was looking into were so different from the ones that had watched him before, and yet there was something familiar about them. Something warm and welcoming that drew him in, something that made him feel right at home the second their gazes met.

That one second was enough for him to realise that were he to drown, he’d rather it be in a cup of hot cocoa instead of a wild, stormy sea.


2 thoughts on “Eyes

  1. I am completely consumed by that last line. It delivers such a clear and vivid emotion with so few words. You have captured a very deep and profound feeling that comes from finding peace and a home after being lost and wandering for so long. It is truly very well done.

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