Photo by Martin Kníže on Unsplash

It’s been fifty days since I felt anything.

Fifty days since I nearly choked on the heart that was thumping in my throat. Now it’s back in its regular boring place – I know because I check fifty times a day.

It’s been fifty days since I died fifty little deaths, only to be reborn into this mess. For fifty entire days I’ve been wanting to tell you fifty different things about the way I nearly tore all of the hair out of my head when you stole my breath.

In that one tiny moment everything went still, the lights were out and the world stopped turning, and your voice was everything I needed to guide me through the evening. But you were quiet and dark and unpredictable.

Then the sun came up next morning, though I begged it not to, and I was left to live with my fifty pains. Fifty half-faded memories. Five useless paragraphs on something that would never be.

My blog officially hit 200 followers today. The fact that 200 of you stumbled upon what I do and liked it enough to want to see more of it is beyond me. Also, thank you so much for all the feedback I’ve been getting, it truly means the world to me. It’s really good to know I’m not wasting my time.

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  1. chris jensen says:

    Not fifty ways, fifty-thousand ways!

    Nicely written..

    i also see that you dropped by for read,

    thank you,


    1. mrsreckless says:

      Thank you! And you’re welcome, I look forward to reading more of your work!

      1. chris jensen says:

        Well, thanks, try to read the good ones?

  2. 200 followers, congratultions!

    1. mrsreckless says:

      Thank you! It is a huge milestone for me!

  3. somawrites says:

    Hello! I nominated you for the sunshine blogger award, do check it out.

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