Paper Storm

“I can’t go in there,” I plead.

“Sophie, it’s just a room,” she ignores my panicked voice and pushes me towards the door.

“I’m not going inside that room!”

There’s a reason why I’ve kept that door closed for almost a year now. Strange things have been happening in there. I can hear them at night.

I moved my bedroom to the guest room, but I can’t sleep in there, either. I don’t remember the last time I had a full night of sleep. I just lie awake in my bed and listen, shivering at every sound.

How did they get back? What would they do to me? I thought I was careful. I thought I ended them all… How is it possible that they are here again? Will I ever break free from this curse?

“Come on!” Alice is dragging me by the arm now, the fingers of her other hand clasped around the key she must have stolen when I was asleep.

“Stop right now!” I try to wrestle out of her grip, but damn, she’s strong. “You don’t know wh-”

“Oh, don’t be stupid,” she snaps. “The things you think you hear are probably spiders running around the piles of dust!”

Last night I made a fatal mistake. I confessed my darkest secret. But who else would I tell? She has been the witness of my growing obsession for years. She has seen the freakish side of me so many times before that it shouldn’t be anything extraordinary by now.

I was half expecting her to want to have me locked up in a mental facility as soon as she heard what I had to say. Instead, she let me talk of all the lives and worlds I had created, and how I’d destroyed them with cold blood over and over. How I’d lost myself in the murderous frenzy, smeared blood all over the walls.

The blood of the innocent stories to-be-told and would-be novels.

“For Christ’s sake, Sophie. What on earth got into you again?”

I try to snatch the key from her hand, but she’s faster. Before I have a chance to do anything, she turns the key in the lock.

What happens after is a blur of everything I’ve seen in nightmares.

The door flies open and I’m swept up by a whirlwind that sucks me right in. I hear my name being yelled, but I’m not sure if it’s Alice’s terror-stricken voice, or a unified howl of all those who seek to make me suffer.

There are too many words spiralling in the air, hissing, stabbing my body one by one. There’s paper everywhere. I’m drowning in paper. Red-stained pages smack my face. They wrap themselves around my feet, pulling me




and I wish they’d just kill me already.

But they’re grinning, telling me they’re just getting started.

After all, they have learnt from the best.

I had no mercy for them. Now they’re back to take their revenge.

This piece was inspired by this week’s Inspiration Monday prompt and can serve as a sequel to the post I wrote a while back. It’s just a matter of time until the paper police catch me.

One thought on “Paper Storm

  1. Ooo. Nice. Interesting blend of horror and literary reality, haha. The two pieces could be the start of a cool series,too, if she can figure out how to fight back, even if only in her mind. Sort of Sucker Punch meets Stranger Than Fiction meets Inkheart.

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