I Am a Moment


grab me
like I’m the moment you wouldn’t dare to forget
don’t capture me
like I’m something you can keep framed on your wall
breathe me
feel me burn your lungs
live me
like I’m the only thing you’ll ever taste

Here’s another pile of words, while Mrs Reckless is off to collect her thoughts and do some spontaneous adventuring in her favourite place on earth. I’ve been coming here for years, but discovered this spot only yesterday.
I’m wondering, do we still know how to lose ourselves in the moment and truly live it? Or is it some ancient skill, no longer accessible to us?
I hope I can lose myself this week.

15 thoughts on “I Am a Moment

  1. I like the tension you create between “grabbing something” (the moment) but not capturing it — it’s a kind of reversal and it works really well for me.

  2. Love this! You captured the feeling of the outdoors and the freedom of that so well. The picture is so pretty as well… I need to work more on enjoying the moment. The one you’ve captured right her sounds blissful!

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