Rainy Day


Rainy days are for snuggling under a blanket with a book and a cup of tea. But sometimes on a rainy day you have to make yourself go out into the chill.

The blur of city lights and angry cars. People running around, seeking shelter in small cafes and shops. And I seek you as you wander along the rain-drenched streets, force your feet to carry you somewhere. You’re going nowhere, walking aimlessly while the water-soaked clothes weigh you down. But that doesn’t bother you. It never bothered you. It never bothered me. I remember you once told me we weren’t that much different. I hated that you were always so annoyingly right. So on rainy days, I make myself go out there.

I don’t know where. Wherever my mind is willing to take me because the feet will carry me nowhere. I walk the rain-drenched streets aimlessly; step into a busy cafe only to remember I don’t like coffee. See, we are a little bit different, you and me. I only take tea. You’s smile at that. I always loved your smile. Mum used to say I took that after you, but then your smile went out and mine became a flaw. So I put on a frown.

I frown at the rain-drenched streets because they carried you away from me.


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