Tea Time


If we were having tea, there wouldn’t be much talk because I’d be quietly watching the raindrops making their way down the window pane and your eyes would be watching me. I like these silent conversations the most.

If we were having tea, I wouldn’t bother trying to make myself appear less crazy in front of you. I just need to trust someone, badly. I’m sorry it has to be you.

We are just a couple of weeks into autumn and I already miss the summer, even if it was full of disappointments. I wake up wishing I could postpone the day, but I dread going to sleep every night because I don’t trust my mind. Life will catch up to me soon.

If we were having tea, you’d tell me this is nothing I cannot deal with. You’ve always seen me as a warrior. But I’m not that. I’m the ultimate worrier.

If we were having tea on one of those lazy afternoons, maybe at some point I’d stop avoiding your eyes and maybe I’d tell you about everything that’s been clouding my head.

Maybe I’d let the rain do the talking instead.

I’ve seen these If we were having coffee posts all around WordPress and I really wanted to write one. Minus the coffee. I ‘m not a coffee drinker, so here, have some tea with me. I might even make this a regular feature, who knows.
In other news, October is here, I’m back in Warsaw and I’m already busy with university stuff and some other things. I apologise for not being as active as I woud like to be. If you take a look at my archives, you’ll see I tend to disappear from the blogosphere when the summer months are gone. But I’ll do my best to stick around this time.

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