Personal update #8

This is not a proper post. Again. I haven’t been around much these past months but there’s a lot going on in my personal life at the moment and honestly, I haven’t really felt like writing. Or maybe I’ve just fallen out of habit. But I’m slowly getting back on track.

Anyway, I’m writing this because I came to a very important conclusion today. It is as follows: I don’t suck.

This resulted from two things:

  1. I got a scholarship, which means I’m now getting paid for being a nerd;
  2. I’ve had one of my short stories published over at and it got a crazy amount of likes on their Facebook page and for the first time in a long time I feel proud of my own work.

If any of you want to have a look the short story and perhaps share your opinion, you can read it here (it’s something I wrote for this blog a long time ago, reduced to fit the 404 limit). They have a ton of other stories worth checking out and there’s also a New Year’s contest currently running.

This has given me such a confidence boost and I suppose it leaves me with zero reasons to view myself in negative terms. I can do great things. And even if the things I do are not always great, they’re still not meaningless. I should put this up on my wall as a daily reminder or something…

I think that’s all I had to tell you in today’s quick update. Stay tuned for another Tea Time post that might appear later this weekend. I quite enjoy these imagined conversations, so I might stick to that for a while.

Have a good Saturday, friends. I’ll see you soon.


PS. Thank you for reading my scribblings, it means the world!

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