for you

Photo by Kendall Lane on Unsplash

how do I find the words
to paint you a new world
when yours runs out of colour

for you I bend my brain
in search of things to say
that could guide you by the hand

words that might shed some light
maybe make you want to stay
here in this atmosphere

and not run away to another universe
where I no longer get to see your face
or feel the sunshine

once mine

I wish there were words to say
to stop the rain
to make your sun shine again


I could turn myself into something
better bigger bolder brighter

synchronise my words with thunder

give you something real
strike your heart with light
show you how to fight

make you feel

maybe I could be the wind
to push your clouds aside

maybe I could be the tide
to swallow up your ache

I wish the words were all it’d take

to win

sometimes at night I still dream
that this could be enough

and the world could be enough

and I could be enough


14 thoughts on “for you

  1. There’s so much beauty in this poem. It forces you to feel each and every word. And that is more than Enough.

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