photo-1477160842278-0609ba502d58Leaves crunch beneath my feet. There’s laughter in the distance, but I’m somewhere else again. It’s always me and them. And then there’s your voice in my head, but I choose not to listen.

It’s another Friday and I don’t know where the other days went. My weeks consist of Mondays and weekends, and nothing in between.

On Monday, the sun came out and the air smelled of freshly cut grass. Almost as if summer decided to pop back for a day. I read a book on a bench in a park and some guy was reading on the bench next to mine. We were two human beings putting the reality on hold just to plunge into their own different worlds and be lost in them. For a while, it felt nice to pretend I was connected to someone. But soon the sun was gone and it got colder. He got up and left.

Today’s foggy and grey. I watch you fall asleep at your desk in class. Then I get mad at myself for watching.

On my way home, there’s this one moment, right before the traffic lights change. The busy street is almost completely quiet. It must last for a split second, but it feels like everything has stopped and it’s only me that’s still moving. Too soon, the moment is gone and the world races forward, and I’m left behind again.

It’s always me and them. And your voice in my head.


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