Are You Alone?



Words. I scattered them all around. It would be a good moment to find them now.

Hello? Are you alone? 

Because of you, I wasn’t.

Words. All we had were words; ones I tried not to remember, ones I tried to throw away.

Sometimes I still see your face in my dreams, asking:

Who are you now? 

Words. You left me with words, ones you probably forgot. They still live under my skin.


Later on that night, I watch an old man sit alone at the opposite table. He smiles at the waitress, orders some ice cream and a beer. He looks content with himself.

I envy him.

I dream of running again, jumping out the window, getting as far as I can. How naive of me, to have thought it would never be like this again?

It’s foggy out here, the streets glistening with rain, the cobblestones slippery wet underneath my feet. In a city of unfamiliar faces far away from home, I quicken my pace in a failed attempt to disappear. I don’t know what I’m running from or where I’m running to. Right now, I just need more distance. Between the past and this night, between me and the person I no longer recognise.

You’re fine on your own. 

You’re fine on your own. 

You’re fine on your own. 




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