Oh, so you’ve stumbled upon my little universe. Let’s get to know each other.

Well, for starters. My name is not Kate. I’m not a writer. I’m not a Mrs. And I’m definitely not as reckless as you would expect.
So who am I and what am I doing here?
To answer the first half of the question: I am a 20-year-old creature with an undying love for the English language–a love that brought me to choosing English Philology at university. I was born and raised in Narnia, also known as Poland, and that’s why my real name is Katarzyna, which is too long, too formal and probably too complicated to pronounce for you non-Polish speaking folks, so you’re all welcome to call me Kate.
And as to what I’m doing, the answer is simple: like most of us, I’m trying to figure things out. And in the meantime, I like to create people who don’t exist and complicate their lives (unless I’m too busy complicating my own). I observe things and produce strange thoughts 24/7. My mind’s always busy with something and writing is both my safe haven and a fast lane to insanity.
I’m pretty sure I’ve been writing ever since I learned to hold a pen and before that happened, I was probably already writing in my head.
And yet–I feel like I still haven’t earned the privilege to call myself a writer.
Which solves the question of why I’m here. And since you happen to be here at the same time as well (what an absolutely amazing coincidence, isn’t it?), please feel free to enter my world of controlled and reasonable recklessness. I can’t promise you everything will make sense here, but I’ll do my best to keep it interesting.
Only one question remains. Why Mrs Reckless? Well. You’ll probably find it disappointing, but there’s no deeper thought behind it. It’s just a nickname borrowed from a song Reckless by You Me At Six, one I was absolutely loving at the time of creating this blog.
Disappointing, I know. But I’m a strong believer that there isn’t a thing that cannot be fixed with a little dose of fiction–and for that you can head here. (It’s always a good time for self-promotion, right?)
Mrs Reckless is someone I’m hoping to become. On this blog, I don’t want to be quiet and careful–though there still tend to be the quiet periods, when I’m too lazy or too uninspired to post, and sometimes I’m still too careful and uncertain, wondering for ages whether or not I should just hit “publish”. On this blog, I want to take risks and see what happens, I want to scream loud and be heard.
So, would you like to hear me?

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  1. Hi,
    I stumbled across your blog while searching for blogs which share my blog’s scope of writing. I love your writing style and means of expression. Could you please check out my blog and go through my writings there and perhaps follow back if you like what you read? Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. I like this about – you aspire to be something that you’re not and it maybe scares you a little. Sure, I’ll have a cup of tea, pass the milk and sugar 🙂

  3. It may be a coincidence to stop by here, but I think somehow there is a reason for me to click it 🙂 It feels great to find so many similar points in your “writing philosophy” that I can’t list all of them here.
    Well, it’s nice to talk to you, and I’m 20 too, so I can’t be a Mr. yet, but I find it interesting to see Mrs. in your username ^^ By the way, I am a Math student, but I love English language (with some Philosophy) too, so in order to write freely, I love that recklessness you talk about! Not sure about the time where you live, but I hope that you have a nice day 😀 Keep up the “reckless” writing and I will make sure to “hear” 🙂

    1. It’s nice to meet you, Duc! 🙂 Math is like dark magic to me, so hats off to you! I’m not sure I have any “writing philosophy”, I guess I make it up as I go. I make up a lot of things and pretend they’re something “artistic”, but I’m glad there’s someone who finds it enjoyable 🙂 Time zones are super confusing (it’s 6:30PM here right now). Hope you have a nice day too!

      1. Yeah, it’s so nice to meet you, again 🙂 Hope to interact more with you in the future 😀 And it’s 11:30 pm here, so I can still say “Today is really not a bad day hehe” 🙂 Have a nice evening then, ‘hats off to you’ to go to sleep now haha ^_^

  4. I don’t call myself a writer too. I prefer “word smith” because that’s really what I am, someone who happens to put words together and sometimes, makes sense out of it. Thanks for dropping by my blog, I’m loving yours. 🙂


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