How Can You Feel So Sad

How can you feel so sad when you’ve got the stars and the moon and the clouds all looking down? Am I the only one or does the moon also get lonely from time to time? You’d ask, how can you feel so lonely when you’ve got all the cars that move past your window with all that noise of all the people with all their stories,…

I Ran Away Today

I ran away today. Rented a bike and went. My legs were crying for rest, but I pedalled on, moving past the discomfort, melting into the green around me as the blue changed its hue above my head. I moved as if in a trance, my eyes hungry – I hope that they never stop…


you make me a shadow of who I am or aspire to be. is it the same me who was a long time ago? maybe not that long… maybe I still am maybe I haven’t changed or grown at all.

this is DEFINITELY not a poem

I can’t lay my head to rest Too distracted by the heart Beating in my chest I wish I could put Those sleepless nights to some use Maybe write a book or two But no such luck That won’t happen anytime soon I’m still stuck


One step at a time – time measured in heartbeats. Slow and steady harmony, every movement guided by the breath. In and out. Tense, relax. One foot after the other, placed thoughtfully, not rushed. Noticing the sounds, the smells, the sights; the crickets singing in the dark; the black matter alive, sharing this night with me….

Routines, To-Do Lists and Goals

“I got myself yet another notebook,” I say, then quickly glance up to scan your face. I hope this makes you proud. “I’ve been doing my homework. I’ve kept my word and sat down to write five days in a row.” “Good for you.” No fireworks, standing ovation, champagne. “I’m doing really well. I sleep better, practise yoga every day…” “That’s great.” Was that a yawn?…


The gate to my creativity has been shut long ago. Schools taught me to stick to patterns, to think in a certain way, not to be – heaven forbid – too original. For some time I cultivated creativity on my own, in the safety of my four walls, closed off from the world and the teachers…

Long Night Drives

Don’t you love the long night drives when you have nothing to do but stare out the window and share your thoughts with the stars, lose yourself in the faraway made up worlds, your visions stirred only by the sounds of the engine and soft music in your headphones? The houses on the side of…


At times like these, I open the window and stick my head out just to make sure the cold still sends shivers down my spine if I can still feel the cold, I can’t be completely numb eyes closed, I inhale the air and realise it hurts because, at times like these, I really miss…


How do I shine
you’ve stolen all the light

I’m not a star
you’re no longer my sky


I always write with a specific you in mind. I picture your eyes on me, watching my frustrated fingers punch those words. After each line I pause and seek your silent approval. Sometimes I wish you were easier to please. Then I could write with such ease… Somehow my mind always circles back to you—you…

One of Those Nights

It’s one of those times when I’m so tempted to get up in the middle of the night and leave this bed that I don’t sleep in anyway and step outside into the open space and start walking and pick up speed until I’m running with hair sticking to my face and the tears mingle…