I’m tired of chasing you in my thoughts. Night after night you escape, melting into the shadows, and I’m left gasping for oxygen. The faint breath that keeps me here keeps me from finding you. If I could reach through the fog and grab onto something, the barriers would fall and I would stand strong….


In my dream, I paint our room black. You paint over me. We disappear.


I lie flat on the ground, focusing on the sensation of my back supported by the universe, and I think about how no one ever teaches you to listen to the sound of the earth turning beneath you, the stars burning, the trees whispering stories of many thousands of years; their infinite voices and my finite…


I remember last night you touched my hair and I tried to lie still pretend to be asleep I would not stir for the fear that you might disappear the moment wouldn’t last the next day the air is sharp we are best friends walking side by side we don’t talk but my head is…


the most precious things are simple and free: the sound you make when you sip your coffee the morning sun reflected in your eyes the crease between your brows when you read poetry the way your lips move when you read me the way your fingers feel when you write me Daily prompt: priceless Photo…

The Sea

​I tried to look for my words in the sea, with no luck. No swimming allowed due to some bacteria contamination. So I burned my toes on the sand. In the evening I watch another sunset without you and take a hundred useless photographs. All of them the same; not one of them captures what I see….

for you

how do I find the words to paint you a new world when yours runs out of colour for you I bend my brain in search of things to say that could guide you by the hand words that might shed some light maybe make you want to stay here in this atmosphere and not…

How Can You Feel So Sad

How can you feel so sad when you’ve got the stars and the moon and the clouds all looking down? Am I the only one or does the moon also get lonely from time to time? You’d ask, how can you feel so lonely when you’ve got all the cars that move past your window with all that noise of all the people with all their stories,…

I Ran Away Today

I ran away today. Rented a bike and went. My legs were crying for rest, but I pedalled on, moving past the discomfort, melting into the green around me as the blue changed its hue above my head. I moved as if in a trance, my eyes hungry – I hope that they never stop…


you make me a shadow of who I am or aspire to be. is it the same me who was a long time ago? maybe not that long… maybe I still am maybe I haven’t changed or grown at all.

this is DEFINITELY not a poem

I can’t lay my head to rest Too distracted by the heart Beating in my chest I wish I could put Those sleepless nights to some use Maybe write a book or two But no such luck That won’t happen anytime soon I’m still stuck