Long Night Drives

Don’t you love the long night drives when you have nothing to do but stare out the window and share your thoughts with the stars, lose yourself in the faraway made up worlds, your visions stirred only by the sounds of the engine and soft music in your headphones? The houses on the side of … More Long Night Drives


At times like these, I open the window and stick my head out just to make sure the cold still sends shivers down my spine if I can still feel the cold, I can’t be completely numb eyes closed, I inhale the air and realise it hurts because, at times like these, I really miss … More Scent


I always write with a specific you in mind. I picture your eyes on me, watching my frustrated fingers punch those words. After each line I pause and seek your silent approval. Sometimes I wish you were easier to please. Then I could write with such ease… Somehow my mind always circles back to you—you … More Specific

The Silence

Oh so many times I promised I would stop, yet here I am, still waiting for the silence to touch my cold hand. I haven’t written a word for days and it’s killing the creatures inside, once so eager to come out and breathe on their own. They’re weak now and I wish they’d leave … More The Silence

Tea Time #3

If we were having tea, I’d tell you how desperate I am to feel like myself again and you’d say that instead of trying to find the old feelings, I should rather embrace the ones I have now. Then I’d ask, “But what are they? How do I name the things I feel?” I don’t … More Tea Time #3

Tea Time #2

If we were having tea, I’d tell you how I haven’t written a word in weeks and you’d call me a liar because, truth is, I have thrown some random thought here and there just for the sake of keeping me alive, but they’re not quality thoughts. See, I put so much pressure on me … More Tea Time #2


I live in a world of artificial feelings, artificial pains, artificial desires, fabricated dreams and faked tortures. With artificial trust I tell you about my day but when you don’t ask me to define ‘okay’ it becomes clear it is with artificial care you give me that polite nod and I dare not say anything … More Artificial

Tea Time

If we were having tea, there wouldn’t be much talk because I’d be quietly watching the raindrops making their way down the window pane and your eyes would be watching me. I like these silent conversations the most. If we were having tea, I wouldn’t bother trying to make myself appear less crazy in front of you. … More Tea Time

Ink Blood

I’m born out of rainy days and slow songs unfinished thoughts and a loss for words chilly mornings and grey skies racing heartbeat and cold hands starless nights and flavoured tea endless showers and no sleep soft blankets and the smell of books fictitious worlds and almost-truths hungry eyes and a clouded mind rootless feet and dreams running wild ink flows in my veins instead … More Ink Blood