You used to bring me to the rooftop to watch the moon. Tonight I feel watched by the moon. Tonight I don’t find the usual silence, the peace of mind I seek. Tonight it’s loud out here and not because of the city down below but because of my thoughts screaming in my head and your thoughts screaming in your head. I’ve been staring at … Continue reading Retreat


It’s just a cake, my brain repeated. But what did the brain know? I knew better. “Don’t!” I threw myself at mum and yanked the knife out of her hand. “What are you doing?!” The whole family stared at me with their mouths hanging open. “You can’t cut it,” I put down the knife at a safe distance and glanced over at grandma, whose eyes jumped … Continue reading Cake


The first thing he noticed about her were the eyes; eyes so different from those he usually fell for. Not the ocean–like type of eyes, easy to get lost in, where drownings are a common cause of death. Not the pale ice-cold kind of eyes that pierce your soul and chill you to the bone. The eyes he was looking into were so different from the ones that had … Continue reading Eyes


“Wait a second,” you blink. “I’m confused now.” “Aren’t you always?” I yawn. God, you’re so slow. So boooring. I snort at how hard your pathetic human brain is struggling to work this out. “But…” “Na-ah,” I put a finger on your lips. Your eyes widen. Oh, and what are these? Am I giving you the creeps? I smirk. “No buts. Have I not made … Continue reading Confused

Insecurity System

“You’ve got some very solid walls built here. Look how thick they are. Soundproofed, obviously.” An enthusiastic nod of appreciation. “Oh, and check out this door! The newest generation locks you’ve got installed here? No way to break into this fortress of yours now! Plus, with the twenty-four-hour monitoring, it is guaranteed you are a hundred percent safe. Two hundred, even!” “Thank you,” I shrug. … Continue reading Insecurity System


I close the door behind you and wait for my senses to register your absence. I can hear the stillness that suddenly fills the cold apartment. I can taste the silence echoing off of the pale grey walls. Even the rain comes to a halt and won’t dare to speak up. I hear the quiet teardrops as they carve salty trails in my skin that’s still … Continue reading Maybe


I fought to keep my head above the surface, screaming at my brain to make the useless muscles work. Everything that has clouded my mind for too long, the heavy heart, the things I’ve kept bottled up – they’ve grown and pressed down on me until I could no longer bear the weight. You pulled me under. Each and every one of you who never believed in me. Or was it me who let … Continue reading Surface


If you bumped into me in a supermarket aisle, would my face spark up a memory? Or would you look up at me without really looking, apologise hurriedly and disappear back into your own business? If you saw me in a crowded street, would you recognise my silhouette? Or would I melt into the shapeless mass of strangers? Hell, if one day, as you were … Continue reading Luxury