I’m tired of chasing you in my thoughts. Night after night you escape, melting into the shadows, and I’m left gasping for oxygen. The faint breath that keeps me here keeps me from finding you. If I could reach through the fog and grab onto something, the barriers would fall and I would stand strong. I’d be the one you run to. We’re always running … Continue reading Save

I Never Promised Things Would Make Sense Here, So What Did You Expect?

I don’t know where my voice is, but I need it to scream. There’s gotta be a way, but my words disobey and my head starts to spin, and the dark thoughts, they grin. Somewhere, in the corners of my mind, at the borders of my soul– Oh. The cereal in my bowl has gone cold. I think I’m getting old. Well, aren’t we all … Continue reading I Never Promised Things Would Make Sense Here, So What Did You Expect?

The Sea

​I tried to look for my words in the sea, with no luck. No swimming allowed due to some bacteria contamination. So I burned my toes on the sand. In the evening I watch another sunset without you and take a hundred useless photographs. All of them the same; not one of them captures what I see. The seagull on a wave. Water rising, falling. Ten different … Continue reading The Sea


The gate to my creativity has been shut long ago. Schools taught me to stick to patterns, to think in a certain way, not to be – heaven forbid – too original. For some time I cultivated creativity on my own, in the safety of my four walls, closed off from the world and the teachers who’d say I was not allowed to have this type … Continue reading Gate


I always write with a specific you in mind. I picture your eyes on me, watching my frustrated fingers punch those words. After each line I pause and seek your silent approval. Sometimes I wish you were easier to please. Then I could write with such ease… Somehow my mind always circles back to you—you who combs through my tangled thoughts—and I dare not disobey. … Continue reading Specific