I fought to keep my head above the surface, screaming at my brain to make the useless muscles work. Everything that has clouded my mind for too long, the heavy heart, the things I’ve kept bottled up – they’ve grown and pressed down on me until I could no longer bear the weight. You pulled me under. Each and every one of you who never believed in me. Or was it me who let … Continue reading Surface


Her life was just a fragile little thing that had to be broken eventually. An endless fight, a constant battle where she never knew her enemy or who was gonna win. When her whole world fell to pieces, she fought alone with no one by her side. Her shadow was her only companion. Knocked down, shattered across the dirty ground, left alone in the dust … Continue reading Recovery

A Package of Feelings

“Turn it off,” she said as she stormed into the room. “Turn it all off, please.” “Turn what off?” I looked at her, puzzled. “Feelings,” she hissed through gritted teeth. “Just take them away.” I put away the book I had been reading and focused my full attention on her. “Why would you want to turn them off?” “I hate feelings,” she said, screwing up her face … Continue reading A Package of Feelings