You used to bring me to the rooftop to watch the moon. Tonight I feel watched by the moon. Tonight I don’t find the usual silence, the peace of mind I seek. Tonight it’s loud out here and not because of the city down below but because of my thoughts screaming in my head and your thoughts screaming in your head. I’ve been staring at … Continue reading Retreat


Sometimes I sit and stare at the falling leaves, pretend they give me inspiration while all I can really think about is how you built me a home in your arms and how I turned you down, chose the homeless life and called it an independent path. But my feet are always cold and autumn takes me by surprise; the leaves keep falling and I wonder … Continue reading Leaves


I haven’t left yet, but I feel like I’m already gone. We’re both here, but the here I’m at and the here you’re at are not the same place. Say something. Anything. I’m desperate for your voice. Can you still hear me? I used to be your favourite tune, the song stuck on repeat, the soundtrack of your life. Our life. Our hearts, synchronised, used to … Continue reading Gone