One step at a time – time measured in heartbeats. Slow and steady harmony, every movement guided by the breath. In and out. Tense, relax. One foot after the other, placed thoughtfully, not rushed. Noticing the sounds, the smells, the sights; the crickets singing in the dark; the black matter alive, sharing this night with me. How lucky am I and yet how pained; overwhelmed by … Continue reading Amble


I always write with a specific you in mind. I picture your eyes on me, watching my frustrated fingers punch those words. After each line I pause and seek your silent approval. Sometimes I wish you were easier to please. Then I could write with such ease… Somehow my mind always circles back to you—you who combs through my tangled thoughts—and I dare not disobey. … Continue reading Specific


You used to bring me to the rooftop to watch the moon. Tonight I feel watched by the moon. Tonight I don’t find the usual silence, the peace of mind I seek. Tonight it’s loud out here and not because of the city down below but because of my thoughts screaming in my head and your thoughts screaming in your head. I’ve been staring at … Continue reading Retreat


I live in a world of artificial feelings, artificial pains, artificial desires, fabricated dreams and faked tortures. With artificial trust I tell you about my day but when you don’t ask me to define ‘okay’ it becomes clear it is with artificial care you give me that polite nod and I dare not say anything real, for I fear it would not appeal to you. … Continue reading Artificial

Ink Blood

I’m born out of rainy days and slow songs unfinished thoughts and a loss for words chilly mornings and grey skies racing heartbeat and cold hands starless nights and flavoured tea endless showers and no sleep soft blankets and the smell of books fictitious worlds and almost-truths hungry eyes and a clouded mind rootless feet and dreams running wild ink flows in my veins instead of blood the heart pumps stories yet untold Continue reading Ink Blood